InnerAsia's Made-to-Order Tradition Flourishes at Khawachen!

Back in the days when Tibet was ruled by the aristocracy, one of the most sought after objet d’arts were priceless, made-to-order rugs, called “nga-thak.” These were specifically woven for the patron with a choice of the most elegant designs, the best of highland sheep wool and available dyes, and woven by the most skilled master weavers. This nga-thak would become the coveted family heirloom. In my book “Of Wool & Loom”- The Tradition of Tibetan Rugs, I presented an extensive collection of these rugs, now under professional care and displayed at the Newark Museum in Newark, NJ and other world class museums, to celebrate Tibet’s illustrious rug weaving heritage. 

The good news is that not only have these treasures been saved for posterity, but continued production of nga-thaks is alive and thriving at Khawachen, InnerAsia‘s subsidiary, in Lhasa. InnerAsia/Khawachen has an extensive list of loyal and discerning clients scattered even in the most unlikely spots, domestically and internationally. Here is an example what our clients have been saying about our made-to-order rugs:


"It's hard to describe the complexity of reproducing a 19th century Arts and Crafts rug, but Inner Asia knew exactly how to realize it. From the first renderings of the historic design, through several strike-offs for color and content and then to beautiful hand craftsmanship, Inner Asia made the custom process look scientific. And all of that accomplished in a rigorous timeframe. All custom rug experiences should be so seamless!"

So, when the inspiration moves you, you too can become a part of this exclusive club of patrons by contacting us at to have your nga-thak as a made-to-order rug of your dreams, or a nga-thak-quality Khawachen rug from our readily available inventory. Both are available for delivery to your door. Please feel free to contact me or my colleagues. We’d love to help you create your very own made-to-order rug!

- Kesang Tashi